Coleman Supports Tax Cuts Focused on Families and Jobs

A priority for Gwinnett State Rep. Brooks Coleman in this latest session was cutting taxes to both support struggling families and to help businesses create jobs.

“We all know these are difficult times,” said Coleman. “To help us get through them I supported several different tax cuts. We reduced the marriage penalty, replaced the car tag
birthday tax and eliminated the sales tax on manufacturers. These were needed reforms that make us more competitive and allows families to keep more of their own money.”

Here is a brief outline of the tax cuts and reforms that were recently passed and signed into law by the Governor.
Reduce the Marriage Penalty: Increases the personal exemption for
married couples by $2000.

Protect Retiree’s Income: This renews and reaffirms the tax exemption for
retirement income at $65,000 per retiree. That increase in the exemption took effect this year. Further, Social Security Income will continue to be untaxed, unlike many other states.

Creation of Tax Tribunal: This will allow Georgia’s taxpayers a low cost efficient way to resolve tax disputes with the Department of Revenue.

Phase out the Sales Tax on Energy Used by Manufacturers: This change will make Georgia more attractive to new businesses and help our existing businesses expand, especially energy
intensive manufacturing. With this reform, Georgia will see more job creation.

Eliminate Car Tag/Birthday Tax: The ad valorem taxes that has been collected
on the birthday of the vehicle owner, will be phased out. It will be replaced with a one-time title transfer fee when the vehicle changes ownership.

Return of Sales Tax Holidays: On August 10-11, school supplies; clothes and shoes (up to $100 each); and computers and accessories (up to $1500) will be exempt from state and local sales tax. On October 5-7, water efficient products, as well as Energy Star rated air conditioners, windows, doors, appliances and fans will also be exempt from all sales tax.